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Top 5 Manga With Pirate Genre

Top 5 Manga With Pirate Genre

One Piece is a pirate-themed manga that has been published since 1997. One Piece is written by Eiichiro Oda, with Monkey D. Luffy as the main character. The One Piece anime series was created in 1999 and is still continuing today. One Piece is an anime that has achieved great success, both in its home country of Japan, and in other countries. You can read One Piece manga online for free. No other anime can match the success of One Piece, even though it has the same theme, Pirates. For example, the 4 pirate-themed anime below, although no less cool than One Piece, still can’t follow the success of One Piece:


  • Coyote Ragtime Show

A pirate, the slain King Burce left behind a lot of treasure but hidden somewhere. He has a daughter named Franca. Elsewhere, a criminal named Mister, who knows the treasure, goes in search of Franca to work together to find the treasure left by King Burce. In an adventure in search of treasure, the relationship between Franca and Mister is like the relationship between father and son. Their adventure is also not easy, because they have to deal with other groups with the same goal. Although the storyline is very interesting, this anime is only able to run for 3 months from July – September 2006.


  • Captain Harlock (Space Pirate : Captain Harlock)

Captain Harlock battled alongside allies and looted gold for hundreds of years. The allies were concerned about him and resolved to eliminate him. Captain Harlock, however, is not your typical pirate; he is incredibly fierce and smart. This anime uses 3D computer graphics and has a contemporary theme. The anime is presented with excellent visual quality thanks to the 3D CG technology employed, but it cannot match One Piece’s popularity since after Captain Harlock (Space Pirate: Captain Harlock) debuted in September 2013, this anime was simply forgotten.


  • Kenren Butou Sai : The Mars Daybreak

Despite having a pirate theme and a Mars-populated future, this anime is not as well-known as One Piece. The plot itself is really intriguing; people are forced to live on ships because Mars is submerged under a significant amount of water. The result of this circumstance was the rise of numerous pirate bands. Unfortunately, this anime only aired from April to September 2004 with a total of 24 episodes because it is not as well-known.

  • Erementar Gerad (Elemental Gelade)

The protagonist of the anime is a pirate by the name of Cou Van Giruet who discovers Edel Raids. Edel Raids are unusual beings that endow humans with incredible abilities. Ren was the name of the Edel Raids he discovered, and he had a really attractive face. Others desire to steal Ren’s power because of it, but Cou makes an effort to keep Ren safe. He then fell in love with this extraordinary creature. Even though it has a stronger pirate theme and incorporates romance, this anime only ran for 13 episodes from July to September of 2008.

  • Black Lagoon

A crew of pirates kidnapped a businessman who had been betrayed by his boss. Rokurou Okajima is the name of the businessman. When Rokurou himself was betrayed by his boss, the plot to kidnap Rokurou as a prisoner to use as leverage on Rokurou’s wealthy boss was abandoned. Rokurou afterwards joined a band of pirates and adopted the name “Black Lagoon.” Rokurou’s life then changed from being monotonous to being enjoyable as a result of his exploits with the Black Lagoon pirate crew. Despite having a compelling plot, the Black Lagoon anime could not match One Piece’s popularity, airing just 12 episodes from April to June 2006.

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