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6 Tips for Best Practices of Android Development

What makes you a great Android developer? Well, you need to possess certain qualities as well as skill sets for you to create that amazing app that will become popular in no time.

We’ve interviewed a number of android app development firms that have years of experience and we asked them what made them successful.

To our surprise, there are certain things that are common in all of them. Here are some of the tips they’ve imparted:

The Design is Important

People are visual creatures and whenever they see something that appeals to them, they stop, look at it, and they try it for themselves.

This is why it is important that you put emphasis on the design of your app. Make use of colors that attract the attention of the users.

Moreover, the text that you will use should also be readable in that the consumer will not have to zoom in to read what was stated.

Be Your Own Critic

Ask yourself, “why would anyone want to install this?” By asking that question, you will then understand why you develop apps in the first place.

By putting yourself in the shoes of your users, you then open mind to features and functionality that will benefit the populace.

Know Stuff About Your Competition

Look, the Google Play Store now has more than 3.5 million apps in its library and at this point, it is hard to be truly unique.

So, if you’re developing an app, look at your competition. If you’re catering to a specific niche, look at similar apps that offer the same thing. Ask yourself what you can do differently or better to make yours stand out. That is one of the keys to success.

Be Up to Date with the Latest Trends

Technology is ever-evolving and what has worked before, might work better by employing new techniques and strategies.

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest trends is important for you as an Android App developer. If there are new things that you could safely implement in your application, then do so. There might be new optimizations that you can integrate so that your app can be as fluid as ever.

Be Ethical

There are plenty of resources online where you can find different lines of code for you to use on your own app. However, as much as possible, be ethical with its use.

For example, if you’re going to use their line of code, you might want to give them a shout out or link to their site since you’ve gotten your source from there.

Even as a developer, always follow ethical standards.

Be a Part of a Community

There is a community of coders out there and you must make it a point to take part in it. You might end up learning a lot from them. Also, you can increase your connections and you might find a more lucrative job if you join such communities.


Becoming a master in Android App development is not easy, however, it is also not impossible to become one.

Be ethical when it comes to development, put yourself in the consumers’ shoes, and take part in communities whenever possible.

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