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A Man’s Guide to Wearing a Wristwatch

One day, you got into an elevator full of business people. One person entered the elevator and from his looks, he might be a high-ranking official of the said building. Upon closer inspection, you find that although this man looks dapper, he is wearing a digital watch. That is just a fashion blunder right there!

You see, wearing a wristwatch comes with rules. You just cannot wear any watch that you fancy and get away with it as there are some style guidelines that you need to follow in order for you to look good.

Since the only acceptable accessory for a man to wear is a wristwatch, it is imperative that you know how to pair it with the outfits that you are wearing. No matter how good your automatic watch looks, it will not look the best when it is paired with an outfit that doesn’t match its allure.

This article will serve as your style guide to wearing a wristwatch.

Why You Need Multiple Watches

First and foremost, you need to have multiple watches. Let me explain. As mentioned earlier, a watch is the only acceptable accessory that a man can wear without being ridiculed or made fun of. And, since not all watches are perfect to wear for any occasion, it is best that you get at least 2-3 watches that are apt to wear on a particular event.

You will need a dress watch to match with your formal suit; a sports watch for your running, weightlifting, or any other physical activities, and a casual watch that you can wear on any occasion (other than corporate or formal events).

Straps Do Matter

Aside from putting your watch in place, straps do not only serve a functional purpose but it is also important for style as well.

Typically, you’d want to go with a leather strap if you want to pair it with a formal suit and tie. The said strap can also work on smart-casual affairs but is definitely not good to use when you are going to sweat a lot (i.e. doing strenuous physical activities).

Alternatively, a metal watchband is also great for formal events but you also want to make sure that it is not too shiny that it takes away the gaze of onlookers from the suit you are wearing.

Resin bands are not good for formal events, though they are perfect for exercising and physical activities in general.

Size Does Matter

If you want to have a wristwatch that will complement your look, it is important that you get the one that fits your wrist perfectly well.
Typically, a man’s wrist can be anywhere from 38-44mm in diameter so choose watches within this range.

Although oversized watches are a current trend, it certainly does not apply if you want to look the best when you are wearing your luxury timepiece.

Watch Movements

If you can, buy an automatic watch because its smooth-sweeping movement just looks good no matter what type of watch you end up buying. Quartz movements are okay if you buy sports watches though.