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cPanel Web Hosting 101

Are you currently looking for the best hosting service for your new website? Then, you must familiarize yourself a cPanel. Web hosting pertains to the leasing of the computers which are connected to the digital landscape. These computers serve up the web pages. Plenty of web hosting companies in Malaysia offer a computer, an internet connection and some software to serve web pages, and deliver extra services such as database software. At times, they handle domain name registration, but most firms skip that part.

Managing a space without a decent control panel will easily turn into a nightmare, most especially for those with zero technical knowledge. This is the part where a reliable cPanel comes in.

What exactly is a cPanel?

A cPanel is the industry standard when it comes to website hosting management software.

Around 90% of website hosting providers utilize cPanel for their services. Whether you have a shared, dedicated or VPS hosting plan, you can easily use a web-based control panel. There, you can successfully and easily administer and manage your web pages in any browser.

1. cPanel is safe and easy to use.

Using cPanel is 100% is risk free. Its software stops clients from doing anything prohibited or risky. Clearly, it won’t allow you from doing any serious damage, no matter what you click around.

The convenience of a cPanel is a dream for beginners who need guidance when it comes to handling their own website. It has helpful, simple buttons that can help users navigate around.

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, you can do so in just one click.

2. Installing cPanel wouldn’t take that much brain power.

The developers of this type of control panel really designed it to make installation and uploading easier. Its entire dashboard is user-friendly. You can easily get through every step, even if you get lost from time to time. There is documentation available for any kind of action in cPanel, so you wouldn’t get confused.

3. cPanel backups like a professional.

What if your computer suddenly goes down in flames, together with all of your files? Well, this is where the importance of creating backup enters. Just in case of a cyberattack and other incident that can lead to loss of files, you can use those backups to restore everything.

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