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FIVE of the Best Mobile Games in 2022

Compiling a definitive list of the best mobile games is a tough – and some might say foolhardy – task even under the best of conditions. We’re talking about a process that’s been going on for over a decade and encompasses hundreds of thousands of games on both iOS and Android. With such a unique filter applied, we’re not looking for hidden treasures or even necessarily runaway hits. We’re looking at genre-defining games that have had a huge effect on the history of smartphone gaming. A true best-of selection from the App Store and Google Play. So, without further ado, here are the top mobile games to play in 2022.

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  • Rush Royal: Tower Defence TD

Rush Royale is a tower defence game that you should definitely play if you appreciate tower defence games. It takes a tried-and-true concept and adds a lot of subtlety and complexity to it. You must construct a squad of wizards and warriors to fight the enemy hordes, unlocking additional units as you progress. You may also develop your own plan by selecting different characters to make up your squad, but be warned: you may need to change it as you progress to meet new difficulties. 

  • Call of Duty: Mobile 

On both Android and iOS, there are many good online shooters, but Call of Duty: Mobile is by far the most comprehensive. It blends a fluid, fast-paced multiplayer shooter with a more expansive Battle Royale mode. Everything looks and flows well, with superb controller compatibility and a wide range of test possibilities.

  • Leagues of Legends: Drift 

In the realm of eSports, MOBAs are still a big business, and League of Legends reigns dominant on both mobile and PC. Choose your hero and compete in a traditional 5v5 lane-running combat against your buddies. What’s amazing about this smartphone version is how true it is to the original recipe. If you’re interested in giving League of Legends: Wild Rift a try, check out our tier list.

  • Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride wasn’t the first endless runner on mobile (honourable mention to Canabalt), but it was one of the finest. Just as significant to this list, it’s still running strong, thanks to famed developer Halfbrick’s continued support. Run, fly, and smash your way as far as you can as hero Barry Steakfried, using wacky power-ups and randomly generated dangers.

  • The Room 

On whatever platform, The Room and its three successors are among the most aesthetically beautiful, tactile, and atmospheric locked-box puzzle games available. Technically, The Room: Old Sins is the most current and greatest of the four. However, you should begin with the first chapter and work your way through The Room. You will not be disappointed.


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