Good Vibes Festival – Biggest Music Event in Malaysia Created for Youth

If you have not heard about Good Vibes Festival, most probably because you are not getting the vibes yet. Good Vibes Festival is a yearly concert festival event organized by Toyota. Being held since 2013, Good Vibes Festival or known as GVF had successfully gathered many youths over Malaysia for the love of music. Used to be just a one day music event in 2013, GVF is now a two day event that usually takes place at The Ranch, Genting Highland. This famous music event is also a medium for the youths all over Malaysia to gather themselves together and share their same interest towards their favorite artists. From hip hop, alt pop, trap tunes and electronic and many more genres, Good Vibes Festival is undoubtedly the biggest music event with diverse of music in Malaysia.


This much loved music festival showcased the cutting edge local and international artist such as Kodaline, Tame Impala, G Eazy Dua Lipa, Najwa and many more in previous years. As of this year, Good Vibes Festival featured talented artists such as Lorde, The Neighbourhood, Sza and many more artists that you don’t want to miss!


To attend this music festival, you must be over 18 years old. Also it is important to remember that the tickets to get in won’t be free. There are few packages available for you to purchase according to your budget and some of the packages comes with a 2 nights stay too, at First World Hotel or Theme Park Hotel depending on the package provided by the organizer. The price for the tickets starts from RM330 for 2 day passes but it is only limited to early birds only. There’s also Squad Goals Packages in which you can buy the tickets for your group at cheaper price.