Holiday Season SEO: Begin Preparing Now!

Holiday Season SEO: Begin Preparing Now!

Whether you are managing an e-commerce website or personal blog, trust me, you would want to implement a holiday SEO marketing and strategy. It’s never too early to prepare for the wonderful season ever. There are things you can start right now, but ranking high in Google is not something you can accomplish overnight.

Below are some things you can do to prepare your brand for the upcoming holidays.

1. 45 Days Rule

The concept of “45 days rule” by is an interesting rule several business owners can try. Basically, it tells us to prepare our content 45 days earlier. We can divide the period into 3 simple steps:

a. 45 days ahead of time. Post your promotions to your web calendar. You can also post save-the-date content on your social media profiles, and email newsletters.

b. 7 days ahead of time. Post “upcoming events” content on social media profiles and newsletters. Encourage other small brands and businesses to share it with their followers.

c. 1 day ahead of time. Post reminders on social media.

2. Set up holiday season gift web pages.

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Think about what type of landing pages and categories make sense for the holidays. Should you make a “best gifts of girls/teens/fathers” or “best deals for your 5/7/11-year-old kid?” Contemplate on what exactly you need, and then create the category or landing page. Don’t forget to add meta descriptions and page titles with the holiday season in mind.

3. Leverage on the power of social media.

Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Twitter can play a vital role in your online success this holiday season. You can focus on these social platforms, but don’t forget to share your holiday content on Instagram and Facebook as well. It is also recommended to share holiday gift guides.

4. Offer new products.

The holiday season is a good time to introduce new products and services. Look at how other websites and businesses write about their new offerings. See if you can try it for your own brand.

5. Use structured data.

Don’t forget to optimize your product pages, and add structured data. This can give you an edge since rich snippets show prices and ratings in the search results.

6. Re-use your old URLs.

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It’s always crucial to re-purpose your old web content for the holidays. Change your old URLs—from christmas-2018, you can change it to christmas-2019 and redirect the old to the new one. Sometimes, there is no need to build a new web page.

7. Optimize for mobile speed.

Check your mobile speed once in a while. You will surely get this advice from any SEO consultant or blogger from time to time. Clearly, mobile speed, and website speed in general, are becoming even more important each year. This holiday season, re-check your mobile speed. If there is the need to improve or update it, please do.

8. Make a measurement plan to analyze your success.

In order to analyze your success, it is crucial to create a measurement plan. Write down all of your goals and plans. Think about how you can monitor your actions.

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