How to Combine SEO and PR in Marketing Campaigns

PR is all about written, verbal and visual content. Every business’ goal is to improve brand awareness, promote products and services, and draw in potential customers. If you want to improve your PR strategy, you need to explore new search engine optimization tactics. Of course, your business needs to be found by different search engines, and rank it highly.

Do you acknowledge the connection between public relations and SEO? The combination of the two can bring success to a business especially in the seo marketing in Malaysia. However, to be able to implement a strategy well, you will go through various challenges. Below are some guidelines you must follow to make the process more convenient.

1.Get stakeholders to buy in.

Get professionals involved in your business. You need to get influential people with superb decision-making power to buy into your idea. Sell them on various benefits, such as:

  1. Improve Brand Reputation
  2. Development of Thought Leadership and Trust
  3. Reaching a Bigger Audience
  4. Improving Conversions and Leads
  5. Gaining Better Rankings

2.Create a centralized keyword repository.

Content creators and SEO professionals are already utilizing keywords in social media updates, blog posts and articles. But, if you want your digital strategy to be even more effective, bring PR into the loop. The right keywords must be inserted on interviews, bios, press releases, and integrated in brand mentions. If accomplished effectively, your target keywords and brand will go stronger, and your target clients increases.

3.Create a consolidated persona.

Both search engine optimization and PR teams conduct plenty of research when it comes to these 3 things.

  1. Who to reach?
  2. What will reach them?
  3. Where to reach them?

4.Ditch separate campaigns and work efforts.

Align your SEO and PR campaigns in the future. Whenever one of them launches a specific campaign, one of things that you must consider is how the other one can add further value.

Remember, without PR, your link outreach can be limited. Content and SEO teams may reach out to influencers and bloggers. However, they don’t have those media connections the PR people might.

5.Work from the same digital assets library.

Apart from sharing keywords, SEO and PR may work together to ensure and strengthen messaging consistency. This becomes possible by sharing the very same digital assets. Press kits, logos, color schemes, taglines and catch phrases are crucial branding assets. If both teams won’t work on the same set of assets, it will cause confusion and inconsistency. Make sure that everything is centralized.

6.Work together on all content efforts.

The PR and SEO teams will see various common goals and needs. This can justify the combination of efforts and initiatives in content creation. They can share some resources, including tools and services like Kapost and Canva.

7.Select the best channels.

When implementing a , youPR and SEO strategy can target various channels. You may target events, social media channels, publications, blogs, community forums, offline media outlets and blogs. Exploring everything might be ineffective, so make sure to target the most efficient platforms for your campaign.

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