Let It Ride

Let It Ride

Let It Ride: Rules and Strategy

There tons of interesting casino games that you can learn. Let it Ride is one of them. It’s nature is quite similar to Caribbean Stud, but different in terms of practice. This is a popular poker variation found in many online such as the newtown casino and land-based casinos.

Let it Ride Rules

Let It Ride

  1. The player starts after every participant places 3 bets of equal sizes in the 3 wager circles, usually marked as $, 2 and 1.
  2. Every player is dealt 3 cards, facing down. 2 extra community cards are dealt, facing down at the front of the dealer.
  3. Next, players examine all the cards. They choose whether or not to remove the bet #1 from the risk.
  4. The dealer reveals 1 of the 2 community cards.
  5. Then, every player can let the remaining 2 bets ride. He or she can also eliminate bet #2. This can be done regardless of the first decision.
  6. It’s time to expose the second community card. The  players are to be paid in accordance to the payout schedule.

$1 Progressive Wager

  • Hand Payout
  • 100% – Royal Flush
  • 10% – Straight Flush
  • $500 – Four of a Kind
  • $100 – Full House
  • $50 – Flush

Winning at Let it Ride

Let It Ride

Let it Ride’s strategy focuses on the first 4 cards, as well as the first 2 betting circles. The player should decide whether or not the playing cards are good enough to warrant aggressive plays to let it ride. Your first choice should come after you get the cards, and see their prospective value.

Use your assumptions in order to make good choices with regards to your bets. At times, you can easily make a good decision. Sometimes the decision is an easy one.

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