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MobileTogether- The Low-Code Solution That Will Eliminate All of Your Mobile App Development Woes

How To Overcome The Difficulties of Mobile App Development

In the efforts to simplify the app development process, there are a group of developers that allow complete novices to build apps themselves; often with no coding required.

These are the “no-coding” solutions such as the infamous app builders and so on. These app builders would allow any user to create their own mobile applications by just using a drag-and-drop interface. Even a complete novice can create an app with relative ease!

There is also this “low-coding” solution that would still require a developer to use some lines of code, albeit not as many as the full-blown or true app development. This one is mainly used for more professional applications that have more robust and secure services built-in.

One promising app development company has initiated the “MobileTogether” initiative and it might just be the key to eliminate all of your mobile development woes.

The Initiative

MobileTogether- The Low-Code Solution That Will Eliminate All of Your Mobile App Development Woes

The company’s CEO, Alexander Falk, once said that he and his employees want to support every app developer especially to create iphone app out there and they want to make sure that the app development need not be tedious as it once was.

The “MobileTogether” initiative was launched as a way to solve most of the app development woes experienced by many developers.

It offers amazing support for coming up with solutions with the development environment, it simulates solutions using a dedicated backend server, and it also connects developers to a development machine that emulates a real mobile device to ensure that you’re testing it with the “real thing”.

The MobileTogether initiative provides a platform for app developers to create an application with a motto of “program once, run it anywhere”.

This allows the developers to create applications with cross-platform support with the performance of a true native app. This is done by the platform acting as an abstraction layer between the native SDKs/APIs and the developer. The result? Developers can save a tremendous amount of time by greatly reducing the lines of code that are needed to achieve a similar effect.

It Creates Native Apps

The problem with most other cross-platform tools is that although you can indeed create applications that can be used on different operating systems, their performance is not up to par with the true native apps.

This is not the case when you’re using Altova’s solution, though. Falk said that developers who use their MobileTogether platform will be able to build apps that can run code and compile it by using a native development environment.

Once the apps are built, they act as if they’re true native mobile apps and you can even submit them on the Google Play Store and Apple Store as well.

MobileTogether- The Low-Code Solution That Will Eliminate All of Your Mobile App Development Woes

Despite the fact that you can build cross-platform apps with the performance of a native app, you can still customize the application based on the operating system that your app is going to be used on.

For instance, you can still use specific time pickers and controls, maximize the GPS capabilities of the phone, among other things.

In conclusion, Altova’s MobileTogether is a platform that provides a low-code solution for many developers that want to create mobile apps with true native performance.

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