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Do you want your website to attract more audience? Remember that sometimes, web design is not just about functionality and practicality. It is also about showing off. Align your colors and typography with your overall branding. Here are the top design trends you should take note off this coming 2019. Let this list serve as your guidelines.


Website content is more than just a good vocabulary and creative composition. You need to care about how beautiful they look for your readers and customers. This 2019, designers from website design services in Malaysia would be more creative and adventurous with their typography. You need to keep it exciting and interesting to gain more engagement and conversion.

2.Advanced Animation

Including advanced animation elements in your web pages is fun, functional and captivating. The slight movements and rolling images are the marks of modern animation. Most designers now are also leaning towards Parallax, a reliable tool that helps with advanced animation, separating background and foreground images.

3.Drop Shadows

The trend of drop shadows will be updated this 2019. If you want your website elements and objects to have more depth, then you need to incorporate shadows. This is a smooth and sleek technique that can be done with any type of graphics.

4.Open Composition

Open composition opens doors for more and more impressions. There are no boundaries, and allows for greater active eye movement. it is a fresh, innovative visual approach that can give a website a modern and dynamic feel.


Let your website gain more engagement and attention by adapting the asymmetry trend. Give your website a vertical middle line, where two of the sides don’t mirror one another. This will appear stylish and contemporary—you just need to find and maintain the balance. How can you gain balance? Combine elements like images, text, colors, spaces and videos.


Minimalism is gaining popularity not just in web design, but across other industries. You can also see this tactic in the world of fashion and interior design. It is the concept of utilizing negative spaces to build a well-crafted and well-balanced web page.

7.Experimental Scrolling

As of now, we haven’t seen much about experimental scrolling. But this trend will be on the rise this coming 2019. Creative, experimental scrolling utilizes unpredictable and interesting techniques to be able to navigate around a website. If you are maintaining low-content website, this can help to keep it more engaging and interesting.

8.Hidden Navigation

Hidden navigation involves the hiding of navigation bars or traditional menus of clean sleek-looking web pages. It can also be used to free up some space. This is not the most suitable technique for non-tech savvy individuals, but they are always on their phone, they would be familiar with this trend.

9.Modular Layouts

Modularity of design is the concept of sectioning every detail into different, separate elements. This can organize even the most complicated details. Adapt this trend, then every element on your web page will have its own independent area or space. It can allow friendlier usability and easier navigation.

10.3D Models

Various internet users can now experience the wonders of virtual reality tours and AI bots. This is in line with the most recent 3D trend. Many people love seeing life-like elements in a virtual setting.

11.Multimedia Elements

The 5 primary elements of multimedia are: text, graphics, animation, audio and video. When you adapt the multimedia element trend, you must use two or more of these elements on your pages. For instance, you want to include an animation over an image background or overlaid text. This gives you the license to make more distinct website combinations and other elements that are not frequently used across the digital landscape.

12.Jazzy Colors

This 2019, colors will be used in more experimental approaches than ever. Web designers will not only choose contrasting and complimentary colors. At this point, they will gear away from the traditional, and would explore more unconventional color combinations.

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