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The advantages of brass fittings


When it comes to connections, plumbing, several materials are possible, but brass is certainly the best choice. Even though copper and PVC are still very popular, brass and its many advantages are attracting more and more people, and rightly so.

The multifunctional aspect of the brass fitting

When comparing different connection materials, brass inevitably attracts attention. Why? First, it can be used for various functions:

  • Connections
  • Pipe connection
  • Assembly of beaten collars
  • Disgorgement
  • Closing a tube temporarily
  • Pipe deviation

Then, the brass is easy to work, even if it requires soldering. Professionals thus put it forward more easily when they present a detailed estimate and project for work to their customers.

Finally, it can also, depending on the case, be screwed. This adaptability to jobs and materials makes brass the key element in plumbing. This explains why it tends to become widespread over the years.

The pros and cons of brass fittings

In addition to its incredible adaptability, brass makes it possible in particular to work several materials together. A brass fitting can therefore join steel with copper without any problem. It is also very easy to install at the tap, in addition to being particularly reliable.

The major drawback is that it requires knowing how to design a beaten collar or buy one. A brass fitting cannot be used, for example, for gas, nor can it be adapted to a built-in installation. What we gain in independence and ease on the one hand, we lose in options at the level of installations.

Professional advice before installing a brass fitting

Brass fittings Malaysia
Brass fittings Malaysia

Brass is not adaptable to all situations, it is relevant to seek the advice of a professional before considering it. In addition, for the installation, it is imperative to have recourse to a beaten collar and a weld. In this area, nothing beats the expertise of a craftsman.

To find the professional closest to you, Brass fittings Malaysia online directory is at your disposal! You will be able to compare the prices charged and the availability of artisans in your region.

The brass fitting in plumbing

To be welded to connect two tubes of different materials (copper and steel for example), the brass fitting is also used for the connection of the valves and for the assembly of two tubes with flanged necks. But it does require having the appropriate material and in a flanged neck assembly, it cannot be built-in or used for gas.

PVC plumbing fitting

To be glued, the PVC fitting is the most used because it is very waterproof, and it exists in many configurations. In addition, it is easy to install and without welding, its price is ridiculous, and you benefit from a large choice of fittings. But the expansion of this material is important, and it requires strict compliance with the implementation.

The PER fitting, sliding or compression, in plumbing

The PER slip coupling requires specific tools, but it is more reliable than the compression PER. Its assembly is fairly quick, but the connections must be visible and are prohibited for gas. The PER compression fitting requires little tools and is quick to assemble, but it is forbidden for gas and the fittings must be accessible.

The plumbing quick connector

Automatic, the quick coupling simplifies the installation of the installations and is presented in bicone or American.

As its name suggests, its assembly is very easy and quick, but it cannot be used for gas and in case of dismantling the fitting, it is mandatory to change the ring or the seal.

The plumbing press fitting

The press fitting is used for multilayer pipe, PEX and PB. It provides a perfect seal and does not corrode over time. But its cost is high, and it requires specific tools.

Each plumbing installation is unique and requires very specific fittings and tubes. It is therefore preferable to call in a professional.

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