The Digital Marketing Career Path

There are huge opportunities available everywhere for content marketers and SEO professionals.

Content marketing jobs are exploding here and there. There are more SEO career opportunities that you can get it from the seo agency. More than ever, so it’s safe to assume that more and more jobs would be available for them in the years to come.

What marketing positions are available for content marketers and SEO professionals?

How can you set yourself up for a successful career?

What specific skills should you develop to make a huge progress in your digital marketing career?

The SEO and content marketing fields are requiring more and more specific, compatible skill sets to gain access to higher positions in different organizations.

Want an idea of what today’s digital marketing path looks like? Here are 8 marketing job titles you can research on:

  • Content Specialist
  • Content Strategist
  • Content Director
  • Content Manager
  • SEO Manager
  • SEO Director
  • SEO Specialist
  • SEO Strategist

For each of those marketing job positions, we examined 50 digital professionals from a diverse group of cities all over the country. We took note of many characteristics, and assessed their skills. We looked for patterns that can indicate how one’s digital marketing career is built, from an entry-level position to bigger leadership opportunities.

The Content Specialist and SEO Specialist Positions

Let’s begin with content and SEO specialists. These titles cover a vast array of professional experience levels, which also reflected in a particular salary data. They are aligned, however, with the most entry-level content- and SEO-specific jobs in the digital marketing industry.

These specialist marketing positions are not really the first jobs people freshly out of college take on to start their digital marketing careers. Nevertheless, looking into their experience and skills gave us some important insights. A lot of entry-level marketing jobs and marketing internships include stints in copywriting and social media. From that point, we are able to see the SEO and content marketing path starting to diverge.

For the SEO position, they start focusing on more quantitative and data-based skill sets.

For the content marketer one, developing a set of competencies on the qualitative side is more important. These competencies include editing, research and blogging.

However, over one third of SEO specialists still includes content marketing in their skill set, and a little under one third of content marketers list down SEO.

Content Manager and SEO Manager Positions

The content and SEO manager positions are more senior jobs. Many of the patterns we have noted in the aforementioned entry-level specialist job titles have deepened.

These marketing managers are already 10 years out of college. Surely, around half of them already developed skills that transcend the traditional digital marketing silos.

48% of these content managers list down SEO as part of their skills (up from 30% for content specialists), while 54% of SEO managers include content marketing (up from 34% for SEO specialists).

SEO managers’ traditional key skills include Google Analytics, SEO, web analytics and paid search. Content managers, on the other hand, love their wheelhouse skills which include writing, editing and blogging. They are also continuously expanding to a more tactical, broader expertise in digital marketing strategy.

The Digital Marketing Career Path Continues to Change as the Years Progress

Organizations continue to invest in more organic, customer-first marketing. This simply means that there will be more and more opportunities available for someone’s growing digital career.

Are you an SEO or content marketer?

Utilize data and insights to be able to create compelling, easy-to-find content. This can bring more value to your customers in the future. Moreover, developing more skills and looking for the right tools are also important steps to a bright digital career.

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