Top 7 Tips for E-commerce Effectiveness

Policies should be accessible

By having your policies accessible to your customers, you are providing them with good customer service. By stating your FAQs, your shipping procedures, return policies, etc. you are removing unanswered questions for your customers and also providing them ease of mind. This also limits customer queries and be able to answer the customer reviews quickly.

Focus on a good Analytics Program

This is important so that you can study where the traffic to your site comes from and what keywords they use to locate you website. Lower your bounce rate to increase the rate of your success website optimization company. Having a good analytics program can help you learn where visitors exit your site. You need to find out whether they leave your site after successfully purchasing or just from checking out your home page or product page.

Product Descriptions should be crafted well

Include everything that the customers would like to see right off the bat, like product size, color, pricing, etc. Lessen the time for the customers to ask questions or rummage around your site just to look for more details on the product. If a customer gets frustrated while browsing your products, they are likely to leave your website.

Call to Action button should pop out

Each of your pages should include this button as you main goal is to lead your customer to take an action, like purchasing from you or registering in your site. Make sure that your CTA button catches your customer’s attention and not just blend in the background of your pages.

Post your contact information clearly

Build customer trust by listing your contact details clearly and easy to find. It gives assurance to your customers that they can contact you anytime they need. Place your contact on every page of your site if possible.

Use quality product photos

Next to your product and site content, product photos are the second important factor when you sell online. Make use of photos with high quality with the option to be zoomed in or enlarged by the customer. Take different angles of your product as well to give customers the details about what they are looking to buy.

Simple yet good search function

Give customers the convenience to look for their desired items through your search function. Give them the option to be specific in their search like, product size, color, gender, etc.

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