Traditional vs Modern Games

It is an undeniable fact that games have been a part and parcel in our life. Compared to those days where children were running around happily, screaming their heart out and still insist on playing despite drenching in sweat, but now technology has pretty much taken over everything. In this modern era, we usually see children or even adults on the couch scrolling over games to choose or even tapping on the screen to win their game. Thus, there are advantages and disadvantages in both traditional and modern games. 


First of all, traditional games are mostly played outdoors especially within a society. Traditional games are inherited from previous generations and are expected to be continued forever. Some of the famous traditional games in Malaysia are ‘Tossing the stones (Batu Seremban)’, ‘Kite Flying (Wau)’ and ‘Kabadi’ many more. In reality, there is always a question if traditional games are still being practised except in the folk culture or countryside. However, traditional games can be both beneficial and not. 


Since traditional games require mobility, where in most of the games people have to be physically active, they are in favour of one’s health. When someone continuously moves, they will eventually start sweating which indirectly means that the blood will flow well and definitely they will be more active. Besides, traditional games also instill social skills in participants. For example, Kabadi or Nondi/Hopscotch are Indian traditional games which require a group of people at least. Therefore, there will be an interaction between the people, perhaps when discussing empty spots or even the rules. When they come across or encounter such problems they will develop their thinking skills. 


Apart from that, traditional games are more creative. This is because in the last century, there was no technology which indicates no room for mobile phones or computers. So people come out with new ideas to spend their leisure time in a meaningful way or to entertain themselves. For instance, the famous ‘Batu Seremban’ game is usually played with stones meanwhile people took it to another level by creating their own small pockets filled with grains or cotton in order to replace the stones. Now, don’t you think that it is creative?


On the other hand, traditional games can bring harmful effects as well. How is it? The utmost disadvantage is it can be dangerous. As we are all aware, the rate of crime has been increasing tremendously in the past few decades, leaving everyone in trauma to even step out of their house. Similarly, as traditional games are often played outdoors, they are not really safe. Anything might happen and parents will have to monitor their children always. Some parents might not have enough time to accompany their children due to their workload but in cases like this, it is advisable for them to follow their children. The last disadvantage is, it could be time consuming to gather people for a specific game. For instance , Kabadi is played by more than 4 people where the organiser will have to spend some time in finding the people. 


Do you know what modern games are? Modern games are played mostly online and they are developed by technology. These games usually require devices like smartphones, tablets and computers where they are accessible to all ages from young children to old people.The examples of modern games are Legend Mobile Games,Super Mario Run Game, Fifa Games and so on. Modern games such as League of Legends (LOL) and Dota 2 are popular in all online casino Malaysia. Those games can be played while you are at home, on the couch without having to leave you room or house. 


The advantage of modern games is they are  more convenient. Unlike the traditional games you don’t have to gather a number of people because the Internet does it for you. All you have to do is to just log in and join a game. Furthermore, you can play modern games everywhere and every time. There is no limitation or restriction unless your battery dies as every game is available online. You will also have the opportunity to meet with different people from all over the world. No friends? No problem as you can make virtual friends.


On the contrary, the disadvantage is people will become lazier and inactive. This is because they do not have to move around and they are stuck in the same place for hours. Lastly, it could be costly as you need a device to play.


In conclusion, both games have their own benefits and harms. It is our responsibility to indulge in them wisely. Visit this website for more:


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