3 Main Terms In Trading That You Need To Know



If you follow Trending alt coin news, you should know this: 


  1. Uncertainty, Fear, and Doubt (FUD)

Trending alt coin news

FUD, while not solely a buying and selling term, is frequently used in the context of financial markets. FUD is a strategy that spreads misinformation about a company, product, or project in order to discredit it. The goal is to instill fear in order to gain an advantage in some way. This could be a competitive or tactical advantage, or it could be profiting from a stock price drop caused by potentially damaging news.


FUD is quite common in the crypto world, as one would expect. In many cases, investors will take a short position in an asset and then release possibly hazardous or misleading news once the position is established.


  1. Disappointment Fear (FOMO)

FOMO is the worry that investors have when they rush to buy an asset for fear of losing out on a profit potential. Because there are strong emotions at play, FOMO by a huge number of people might result in parabolic price fluctuations. Investors “FOMO-ing” from asset to asset in a musical chairs game can sometimes indicate the end of a bull market.

Trending alt coin news

If you’ve read the posts or info on Technical Analysis (TA) blunders, you’ll realize that extreme market situations can disrupt the markets’ regular regulations. When emotions are high, many investors may take positions out of fear of missing out. This can result in long moves in both directions, trapping many traders that try to counter-trade the market.


This can result in long moves in both directions, trapping many traders that try to counter-trade the mob.

FOMO is also frequently employed in the development of social networking apps. Have you ever pondered why it’s so difficult to see posts on social network timelines in perfect chronological order? This is related to FOMO as well. Users would have the impression that they have viewed all of the latest posts if they were able to check all of the posts since their last login.


Social media platforms try to generate FOMO in users by purposely blending older and newer items on the timeline. As a result, consumers return again and again, fearful of missing out on anything crucial.



The term “HODL” is a misspelling of the word “hold.” It is, in essence, the bitcoin version of the buy and hold approach. The term “HODL” first appeared in a now-famous post on the BitcoinTalk forum in 2013. The word was a typo in the title: “I AM HODLING.”


HODLing is the practice of sticking onto investments despite price declines. It’s also widely used in the context of investors (“HODLers”) who, while not adept at short-term trading, wish to gain price exposure to cryptocurrency. It can also be employed by investors who have a strong belief in a certain currency and intend to hang on to their investment for an extended length of time.


The HODLing approach is similar to the traditional markets’ purchase and hold investment strategy. Buy and hold investors seek out undervalued assets and hold them for an extended period of time. This is a popular Bitcoin investment method.


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