What is Modern Architecture and Why People Adore it?

Modern architecture emphasizes the actual structure and materials used in the house. That’s why most architecture firms incorporate wood, steel and glass components to show such structural industrial materials. Let’s dig into this amazing architecture a little further and what makes people fall in love with it:

What Is Modern Architecture?

The terms— modern and contemporary — were intermingled in the field of architecture, causing a bit of confusion. A sort of misunderstanding that leads us to ask: Is contemporary architecture / design the same as historic design / architecture? The answer is no, and some yes. To be very precise, contemporary means now while new applies to developments in technology and engineering that date back to the turn of the 20th century.

Modern architecture relies more on traditional metals like steel, concrete, and glass (innovative technological inventions of the time) to keep it simple. Although contemporary design can use these same elements, the designs are known as modern, rethought, or forward-thinking. Clean and muddy? With all that said, the two styles will always mix and mingle with each other— even in this article’s photos.

Overall, clean lines and minimalist interiors characterize modern architecture, allowing the structure to speak for itself and take center stage. The picture below is a great example of modern architecture which is clean and simple.

Why People Love it?

Modern architecture remains unique despite its simplistic styling which avoids extra fluff. In reality, some of the most unique designs produced by modern architects up to now. Only look at Frank Lloyd Wright’s projects, and many other legendary architects.

Yes, some of these modern designs may have flat roofs and boxy style, but they are certainly boring. Look around the streets and neighbourhoods of your city— which architectural designs most outstanding you? The exclusive, new one-of – a-kind ones, or the conventional designs that appear to replicate each other row after row? Modern architecture is nothing other than cookie-cutter.

Look at the originality of the bright, geometric roof lines so common in contemporary design — these are exceptional. From the vaulted ceilings to the exposed structural elements, to the unconventional geometric designs, everything is tantamount to a special, imaginative style, you can’t help but be impressed by.

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