Why go for the TIME high speed internet Malaysia

If you are particularly bandwidth-hungry, especially if several devices are simultaneously connected to the Internet, it may be time to take out a Very High-Speed ​​offer, switch to optical fiber and why not take the opportunity to change supplier access and benefit from a more attractive offer.

A speed test allows you to measure the speed of your internet connection, and at the same time understands why your connection is slow if it is. You can then opt for the TIME high-speed internet Malaysia. Alternatively, you can opt for Unifi if you want high-speed internet. View more on Unifi Malaysia here.

This speed, expressed in megabits per second (Mbits / s) or in gigabits per second (Gbits / s), depends on the connection technology used by your installation ( ADSL, VDSL, fibre, satellite, etc.) but also on your location via compared to the network coverage of your internet service provider.

What is an internet speed test for? What precautions should be taken? How to understand your results and improve your connection speed? Small overview.

Why is it important to perform a flow test?

The main purpose of a throughput test is to determine the bandwidth width of your connection, that is, the maximum amount of data transmitted in units of time between your computer and the server used for the test.

  • Most often, internet service providers such as SFR, Free, Bouygues or Orange only communicate to their customers the theoretical maximum speed available on their networks for each type of subscription.
  • However, this value is purely speculative, it does not result from any test. It is simply an estimate made from technical information such as the length or diameter of the connection cables.
  • In practice, it is therefore unlikely that your connection in a real situation will really reach the speeds announced by your provider.
  • Measuring your real speed will therefore allow you to estimate the possibilities really offered by your connection.

Good to know

Consult our online internet comparator to discover and compare the offers offered by each of the operators.

For example, downloading a movie in HD (High Definition) may take you:

  • up to 6 hours with an ADSL connection of 2Mbits / s,
  • about an hour and a half with an ADSL connection of 8Mbits / s,
  • a little over 30 minutes with an ADSL connection of 20Mbits / s,
  • a little less than 15 minutes in VDSL2 technology with 50Mbits / s,
  • between one and two minutes with optical fiber with a speed of 500Mbits / s.

How would you know of current social media trends if you have low bandwidth? So get high-speed internet today!

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